It’s been a good week for the Dirty Reiver.

After event entries coming in at lightning pace in the first week with over 350 taken in the first 7 days the number of entrants then slowed and those who make more considered decisions then took the following 3 days to take up the last 50 places*.

At this time we have a full field of 400 riders, we are very humbled by all the support we have received so far for the event and its motivating us to take the event experience even further so rest assured we will not be taking it easy.  Those who didn’t make the entry list are welcomed to sign up on the reserve place list or even better help us on the day and guarantee your 2017 place not to mention get well looked after.

Fair to say we already have an excellent collection of event sponsors and supporters and we couldn’t be happier with those companies getting involved.  We feel that each and everyone offers great input in to the event and can aid us in offering all of our riders a great weekend.

We have made it very public from the offset that the Dirty Reiver is not a race.  We took the decision early on that trying to work within trails we could close to facilitate racing would constrain the routing way too much and we wanted to really stretch our legs and let riders explore the area.  We realise there will be at least 3 guys unhappy they won’t have a staged step to stand on but appreciate there are 397 people who will not offer it a second thought.

Gravel Grinding in its truest form is really a social activity.  We expect to see groups of people getting together to ride the event.  Get out there and make new friends, hang out at the feed stations (not too long the clock is ticking) and ensure you are staying for beers on the Saturday night.

We are excited to host you all and will be offering fresh updates to the news section as often as we do something interesting.


*They may or may not be the final 50 places available 😉