So when we first put out the information regarding the Dirty Reiver time cut offs we figured on some equal splits along the course at 50, 100 and 150km.  Having finalised the route we now have some revised cut off times we hope will see as many people to the finish.

The following time cut offs are now proposed;

60km – 12:00 (5 hours).  This is an average of 12 km/h.  The first cut off also ties in to the first feed station.

130km – 17:00 (10 hours). This is an average of 13 km/h. Note this cut off will put you within easy reach of the start/finish.

175km – This is an optional cut off point.  We will place marshalls at this point to offer riders a shorter route back to the finish if they require it.

Please note we have now removed the planned interim checkpoint at 100km though this will still remain a feed station.

The feed stations will now be at 60, 100 and 150km.