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Pre event preparation should start a few days out. No need to carbohydrate loads for weeks before; instead, cut back on your training the few days prior to the event and make sure you consume high carbohydrates meals. This is important because we need to make sure are carbohydrate stores are full for the start of the event. You don’t need to over eat, just make sure carbohydrates make up around 50-60% of your plate. Always stick to foods you are familiar with in the lead up to the event to avoid any unwanted stomach upsets.

The morning of the event try and consume a high carbohydrate breakfast around 2 hours before. This will be an early start but just tell yourself it’s not everyday you have to do it and it will allow your breakfast to settle before you set off. Something like porridge is a great idea and isn’t too difficult to stomach early in the morning. If you struggle to eat much prior to the event this puts an even bigger emphasis on fuelling properly during the ride, starting from the word go.

Thanks to Annie and OTE