In the recent training article by Craig at OTE Sports the need to constantly test yourself to gauge progress was outlined.  Critical Power (CP) profiling was stated as an objective means of measuring improvements.  In this short update Craig illustrates the process of CP profiling.  Over to Craig …

Critical Power (CP) profiling. 

When you carry out your training you want to know if it is working. A great way of doing this is with regular CP (Critical Power/Pace) profiling or FTP (function threshold power) testing to track your performance and keep you motivated. These are tests you can carry out by yourself on the road with minimal equipment or even a turbo trainer. One of the easiest ways would be to find your favourite hill or stretch of road and record the time it takes to complete it, or to ride for a fixed duration and measure how far you can go. If you have the luxury of a power meter you can go one step better and measure your average power output over a set duration giving you a truly objective measure.

Your initial CP profiling or FTP testing is used to set a benchmark with further tests being undertaken as regularly as every three to four weeks or at the end of a particular training block or phase. Carrying out tests of different distances and durations (typically 5 – 60mins) will give an indication of your ability over a range of durations, identifying strengths and weaknesses, while helping direct your training. 

Thanks again to Craig and to OTE Sports for supporting our riders with this great advice.