WTDY prep

For such a long event feeding what you eat during has a huge level of importance and needs to start straight away. Those that starting fuelling from the outset are much more likely to be in a better shape at the closing stages of the race compared to those who chose to start eating much later into the event.

Before event day, we would advise sitting down and mapping out your food intake for the event. Ever heard to saying fail to prepare then prepare to fail? Work out what is available in the feed stations, how much food you will need to take yourself. We advise having a variety of different energy products and food during the event. Keep things interesting so you don’t put up a barrier to eat because you are bored of just eating one thing. Did you know people’s taste buds actually change the longer they exercise for and actually people start to crave more salty savour foods as oppose to the usual sweet snacks. If this applies to you make sure you prepare for it.

On average trying to consume 60-90g of carbohydrates per hour should help keep you fuelled optimally during the event. Those that can stick to this throughout will be able to maintain performance, concentration and reach their goal time. The image below gives you an idea of what 60g of carbohydrates looks like in food terms.

60g per h visual

Thanks to Annie and OTE